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It is always a good idea to shop around and see who has the best deals, but when it comes to e Cigarettes I found out not every e Cigarette devices and accessories are created equal even when the name and makers appeared to be same. Sadly enough even though 85% of these devices are made in China, there are some cheap imitations to the name brand Chinese ones even, Shocking!!!

I bought two Joye Ego batteries few months ago both were 650 mAh and even had little EGO T written on the side but the threads failed in one just in one week and the other one stop charging next month! When I looked closely, I found out none of the two looked exactly like a real Ego battery, the base silver plate was missing the “E” seal that comes on real Joye Ego products.

So my conclusion was only buy from a handful of trusted vendors and never directly from China or just any company out there. In last 2.5 years of vaping I spent around $2200 on e Cigarette kits, accessories and e Liquids, not because I had to but I wanted to try most everything new that was and is on the market. In this buying process I have learned one thing, stick with just a handful few vendors, doesn’t matter what a new company is advertising and how cheap they are offering, I lost some money but hey it was a good learning experience.

Here are 4 companies that have been around for a while and I do buy from these vendors and I feel confident enough to suggest them to my readers. Please understand I will earn an affiliate commission if you use the link to buy from these vendors, but I am sure you will understand that running this site cost money and it may help offset some the expenses.


If you are just starting out, try any decent starter kits with good battery but make sure the e liquid you pick has tobacco flavor since I noticed coming out of pack and half a day some fruity flavor was not going to satisfy my  huge craving. I suggest starting with either Marlboro or Camel type flavor if you are a regular or light branded smoker, and for menthol just pick something close what you smoked as cigarettes.

My personal favorites has always been Camel/Kamel flavor,  and I always buy it from Lite Cig USA site as I like their brand. Once again not every e liquid taste the same even though it can have the same name. For example Camel or Kamel  e liquid can vary in taste widely from vendor to vendor. I have learned that the hard way.

I would love your feedback and thoughts, I am new to this, please post your advice and comments, it will help me improve this blog.

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For Premium e Liquids, try this site, they really taste great, but warn you they are not cheap like the Chinese Dekang e liquids. But the taste and quality sure makes up for it.

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