What e Cigarette to Buy

If you are just starting out, don’t go to your local gas stations and buy the ones they sell on the counter display, I know they only cost $10 but you have to buy the cartridges almost every 3-4 days and they do cost $10 for 5 packs. This will defeat the purpose of quitting if you are going to the local gas stations every so often to buy your refills. Not to mention that they do not taste or produce as much vape as others do.

My personal recommendation is you go with something little more pricy but hey you are not going to but a kit every month, so spending $50-$60 for a nice kit that will last you about year and half to two of everyday use it well worth the money.

Go with something like Ego Tank type which is what I use and been happy with it since I started. You can buy a decent kit for about $55, it comes with 2 full e cigarettes and a USB charger, all you do is buy some good e Liquid of your choice and you are all set.

As I mentioned earlier that not all online retailers are created equal, meaning not every retailers sell the real product, and just because the same kit can cost $10 less in one retailer means that is real, there are many that sell the counterfeit Ego products. I have bought a few at times just because they were little cheaper but did learn an expensive lesion to stay with who I know and trust.

I recommended 4 retailers in “Where to Buy” but that doesn’t mean there areĀ  only 4 out there, there are plenty of good retailers out there, I just so far felt comfortable with these folks. You may find one you become comfortable to, but keep in mind when you buy online customer service is a big part of that buying experience and that is why Amazon is so successful.

You will also find out that the vendor you buy your devices and accessories from may always not be the one you buy your e Liquid from. I custom blend my e Liquids for last 2 years and I will touch on that at a later post, one you get used to vaping, you can than experiment and create a custom blend just for you. That will be your signature e Liquid.

I would love your feedback and thoughts, I am new to this, please post your advice and comments, it will help me improve this blog.

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