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As you know already, my breaking away from tobacco cigarettes was triggered by throat surgery. Although the surgery had nothing to do with my smoking, the condition was such that I could not smoke or even swallow anything.

I was given liquid foods for 2 continuous days and so I figured that this was best time to quit smoking.

I resorted to Chantix, which is the only prescribed smoking cessation out there. But Chantix didn’t help, and I had to come up with a way to satisfy my cravings.

This was the first time I tried the pen-style e-cigarette, and after it died down, I purchased a Joye eGo device. I have not looked back ever since.


Over the last 2.5 years I spent around $2200 on different types of devices and liquids as I wanted to find the very best for my vaping experience. But unfortunately I learned just because a new type atomizer cost $50 doesn’t mean it will be the very best. One prime example is a atomizer call Vivi Nova, it was around $30, looks huge with a big clear tank, I was happy thinking I don’t have to refill this one as often as I do my  other ones.

My first use of that device made me frustrated as I realized the duel coil had to be at an angle for it to suck in the juice and that it was draining the battery twice as fast. So what I essentially had was a device that had to be smoked at an angle and have to carry around extra batteries. I decided to add this to my collection and not use it anymore.

The very first kit I bought was from a Gas station not sure the name but you can see them any most convenience stores now a days, they look like a pen and has a blue or red led light at the end which lights up just like real cigarettes would. These devices are in my opinion a tease, as they don’t taste as good , doesn’t produce enough vapor to satisfy the craving and the battery doesn’t last long.

I started to Google and learn anything and everything I can learn about e cigarettes and went through  couple of days of researching and finally decided I would buy a kit call Joye Ego, back than it didn’t have the Tank type that I use now. Instead they came it some white foam or filler type material that you drop liquid into and make it soaking wet, which in my opinion took more refilling more often. Sad part was you never knew when to refill it until it started to taste burnt. I ordered my first kit from Lite cig USA site along with the Kamel e Liquids and looking back I think that was one of the best choice I ever made.

After taking the first vape on this new device I realized this is what I was missing, the clean taste of tobacco, the good but elegant look of the device and how it felt in my hands, and best of all after I am done smoking just put it in my pocket. Not to mention the charge on each battery last a whole day

I would love your feedback and thoughts, I am new to this, please post your advice and comments, it will help me improve this blog.

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