The Switch

Why Make the Switch to e Cigarette?

Thus far you have come to realize the major ways in which e-cigarettes differ from the standard ones. Some of these differences serve as perfect reasons why you should make the switch to electronic cigarettes.  Here are a few examples:

Compared to a tobacco cigarette, an e-cigarette does not have tar and has a highly insignificant concentration of carcinogen, and burnt tobacco creates an estimated 4000 chemical compounds. Tobacco cigarettes also emit a foul odor that sticks on anything it comes in contact with.

Smoking e-cigarettes on the other hand have none of these disadvantages. Not to mention, it’s cheaper than having regular cigarettes, as e-cigarettes do not require accessories like lighters and accessories. Most importantly, e-cigarettes can help you in quitting smoking.

Symptoms of Leaving Tobacco

As important as it is to promote e-cigarettes as a healthy nicotine replacement, I should also list down some withdrawal symptoms generally associated with tobacco:

  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Quit Zits
  • Headaches and Nausea
  • Sputum, Phlegm
  • Heartburn, acid reflux
  • Cramps and Muscle pain
  • Coughing
  • Gum bleeding
  • Thyroid symptoms

On the other hand, inhaling vapors is also likely to draw symptoms like:

  • Dry or sore throat
  • Cottonmouth
  • Light phlegm
  • Headaches, sleeping issues
  • Intolerance to PG liquids
  • Mouth becoming tasteless


Note that even though it’s a rarity, people with emphysema should exercise caution while using e-cigarettes as it can possibly increase the risk of pneumonia. But compared with the dangers of tobacco smoking, you should not be alarmed by the issues associated with using e-cigarettes.

For instance, dry mouth heals over time and you can even switch to another e-liquid to avoid it. In fact, most of the symptoms like headaches and sleep problems are sorted out in the first week of making the switch.

On the other, when you switch to e-cigarettes, you will find your sinuses cleared and your sense of smell will come back.

Moreover, the morning cough frequently experienced by smokers will also go away. Even better is the fact that as you break away from tobacco, you will find your breathing significantly improved.

In fact, it is the shallow breathing people develop due to excessive smoking that causes the initial nausea and headaches when they move away from tobacco.


How You can Switch to E-Cigs


I believe that personal experience gives me the authority to provide some practical tips on switching to electronic cigarettes.

The hardest part while making the switch is how to satisfy the craving. The trick here is to get a unit that lasts for hours and produces voluminous vapor. My first pen e-cigarettes died after 20 minutes of heavy vaping.

Nicotine level is also a significant factor. Heavy smokers require around 18 mg of nicotine to satisfy their cravings.

When smokers do not take these factors into account, they lapse back to tobacco. The trick is to get an e-cigarette that lasts more than 1 hour and has a nicotine flavor e-liquid.

Also make sure to pick out 18mg nicotine. 24 mg can be a little too strong, whereas 11mg will be too light unless you are not a habitual smoker.

Finally, remember to start higher then slowly go down on the nicotine strength as you feel comfortable. And only switch to fruity flavors after you have developed a strong e-cigarette smoking habit.

The nicotine flavor will make your system think as if you are having a regular tobacco cigarette, making it easier for you to get used to e-cigarettes.

I would love your feedback and thoughts, I am new to this, please post your advice and comments, it will help me improve this blog.

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