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My Book about How to Open a Vape Shop On a Budget

I finally did it!!! I wrote the book that I have been thinking about doing on How to Open a Vape shop. You can find it on Amazon or click right Here I talked about how fast the industry is growing. Why is the e-cigarette retail business too appealing? The answer is simple. E-cigarettes present an untapped market where you can not only have a business, but also expand it around the corner, around the Internet, and ultimately, around the world. By starting an e-cigarette business now, you can get into the market before [&hellip

E-Cig Type of Atomizers – Difference Between CE4 and EVOD T2, T3 type Atomizers

E-Cig Type of Atomizers In case you wonder what these silly technical terms mean,  CE4 is a type of atomizer that comes like any new plastic tube looking atomizers that you see everywhere now a days. This has some visible white strings(wick) on two sides which goes from around the top end to the core of the atomizer. On the other hand the EVOD and T2 or T3 type atomizers look very similar in shape and material but looking closely you will see they do not have those white strings on either side, instead [&hellip


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