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Seeing All New and Different Types Of e Cigarettes First Hand in China

different types of e cigarettes I had to go to Hong Kong on a business trip last month. A about 45 minutes away was Shenzhen – the home of everything in electronic cigarettes.  I figured I would contact some of the local manufacturers and go see their facility and try out some samples, and that is exactly what I did. One big problem I ran into is the language issue. Almost no one speaks English there, not even in  a 5 star Sheraton Hotel!  But to my surprise most of the e cigarette sales [&hellip

E Cig E-Liquid Options – Difference Between VG and PG e-Liquid

E Cig E-Liquid Options I often get asked which type of e cig e-liquid options is better, the answer is neither and both. Confused? Well first take a look at the chart below, still confused?  Okay let me explain each of those categories. 1. Juice Thickness: Generally speaking, PG (propylene glycol) is by nature thinner liquid than VG (vegetable glycerin). Both are non toxic organic compounds and often found as food additives in variety of commercially available products. 2.  Throat Hit: Throat hit is the way the vapor feels on your throat, think of [&hellip

Best Type of Electronic Cigarette Brand to Start With

Best Type of Electronic Cigarette Brand I often get asked this question, “What should I start with?” Unfortunately, the retail shops around us do not carry what a newbie should start with. Most gas stations, convenience stores, Wal-Mart and similar retailers carry the pen style e cig kits –  the ones when you puff a red or blue led light lit up. I am sure every one of us have seen them.  They are not the best type of electronic cigarette brand one should start with specially if you are switching from regular to [&hellip


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