Seeing All New and Different Types Of e Cigarettes First Hand in China

different types of e cigarettes
I had to go to Hong Kong on a business trip last month. A about 45 minutes away was Shenzhen – the home of everything in electronic cigarettes.  I figured I would contact some of the local manufacturers and go see their facility and try out some samples, and that is exactly what I did.

One big problem I ran into is the language issue. Almost no one speaks English there, not even in  a 5 star Sheraton Hotel!  But to my surprise most of the e cigarette sales people are able to speak some ways where we could at least communicate.  All of the sales people I met there were very friendly and everyone wanted to invite me for lunch or dinner.  I was surprised specially since none of them knew me.  But I figured it is the Chinese culture and hospitality. I ended up not going to eat with any of them as I had my wife with me and we decided to try different food places on our own. All of which were very disappointing to say the least but that is a story for another day.

I visited 3 factories in 2 days over a weekend. I had a blast seeing so many new and different types of e cigarettes some of which I have never seen before. For example the new iGo 4 kit. It looks awesome, feels great and when I tried it – I fell in love with it. Then there are these Elips kits. They are tiny compare to what I use but they tasted great.

I tried and tasted many type of atomizers since that is the most important component of any vaping device. So far I love the Evod type atomizers. I was never a fan of the Vivi tanks  but I tried some new 2ml mini tank and they are good. But I figured out any atomizer that has the changeable bottom core – they work really well. There’s almost never a dry hit and vaping experience is very satisfying. Also once they gunk up you can simply throw that part out and put a new one – a simple easy and inexpensive fix.

As some of you know I have been a big advocate of Ego tank type for a long time but I think it is time to move on to EVOD type atomizers. Don’t worry you  do not have to buy a whole new kit. Just buy some T2 type atomizers and you will see what a difference that they can make. One  important factor I want to mention before we move on though is if you are using Ego 650 mAh batteries then you may want to buy at least one Ego twist 900 or higher mAh battery for the best vaping experience. As I found out these new atomizers work really well with higher power batteries. You don’t hear the gurgling and there’s less chance of leakage.

I will post some review and pictures of some of the new and different types of e cigarettes soon. Keep your eyes out for that.

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different types of e cigarettes

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