How to Start Guide

If you are new to e-cigarettes and are having a hard time choosing a brand, I recommend that you purchase a Joye eGo tank type (or something similar in capacity). Note that a starter Joye eGo kit usually costs anywhere from $40-$60 and it comes with two batteries, 2 atomizers, few cartridges, but no e liquid.

Also get some VG + PG blend to go with it, preferably a 30/70 mix as it will be light enough to pass through the Atomizer. This is important since some heavy VG liquids can have issues of leaking and not creating enough vapor due to their thickness. Also make sure that the liquid has a tobacco flavor (Marlboro or Camel, etc.)

As far as e-cigarette kits are concerned, do not start with a complicated one. Cars provide a good analogy in this case. Some cars are good for learners (Toyotas) but others (like a Mercedes or Lexus) are only suited for experienced drivers. However, in any case, do not go for cheaper models.

You can find a cheap kit for $7.99 at any gas station. Never purchase them and instead follow the specifics mentioned below to indentify a good kit.

Typically a decent e cig kit will have a battery that is at least 650 mAh, which translates roughly to about 2-3 hours of heavy vaping.

If you have two of them, your vaping needs for one day will easily be met. Once you get used to e-cigarettes, you can invest in additional batteries so you will never have to cease vaping!

I personally recommend that you purchase the Joye eGo Starter Kit. It has 2 650 mAh batteries, giving you hours of vaping pleasure. Alternately, you can even try out the Vision Spinner Variable Voltage eGo 900mAh Starter Kit or the Viva Nova eGo tank type kit.

Stay tuned to to find great e-cigarette starter kits.

A Word on Maintenance

It is vital in this hobby that you clean and maintain your device. I typically clean mine every night as I refill the tanks. If you don’t clean your atomizer often, it will clog and though you will feel it get hot, it won’t produce any vape.

Although every device would require a different cleaning procedure, here is how I work on my kits. I take the battery off the atomizer to clean inside the battery thread for any liquid residue.

To clean an eGo atomizer, I blow into the tank end causing all the buildup liquid to drip down from it. Once I am sure that most of the liquid has been dripped out, I simply shake the rest of it and wipe it clean with a paper towel. Finally, I refill and replace the tank.

Note that 90% of e-cigarettes devices show some degree of leak, but it’s not something to worry about. The only time it can leak a lot is when the atomizer is clogged. So clean it regularly to avoid leakage.

I would love your feedback and thoughts, I am new to this, please post your advice and comments, it will help me improve this blog.

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