Electronic vs. Regular Cigarettes

 Electronic vs. Regular Cigarettes







When you compare e-cigarettes with their tobacco counterparts, you will find that everything is different except for the appearance, which is only because the former is made to look like a regular cigarette. The following are the major differences between electronic and regular cigarettes.


Smoke and Vapor

Whereas a regular cigarette emits smoke when the paper roll and tobacco is burned, an e-cigarette only produces vapor from atomized liquid. That is why instead of smoke, e-cigarettes simply have a flavored mist which does not leave behind any odor on clothing, body parts, inside the car, or even in a room.



Production of tar is inevitable when you smoke tobacco cigarettes, but neither tar nor any burnt material is produced or deposited in the lungs when you “vape” e-cigarettes.

There is no carbon monoxide in e-cigarettes and they produce no bad breath as well. Not to mention, you do not need an ash tray with an e-cigarette.


Nicotine Levels

Unlike normal cigarettes, nicotine levels vary in e-cigarettes making them the ideal choice for people who want to cut back on nicotine or even quit smoking altogether.


Non-Smoking Areas

This is not a functional or design difference, but e-cigarettes are allowed in places which would otherwise be called non-smoking areas in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

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Electronic vs. Regular Cigarettes

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