Can e Cigarettes Explode while Smoking?

Can e Cigarettes Explode while Smoking?
Last year there was a disturbing news about an explosion of an e Cigarette while a guy was smoking it. It bothered me to a degree that I started to look more deep into it. Can e cigarettes explode while smoking? It scared me to think as I am driving and Vaping. What if this device explodes in my mouth?

What I found out were some basic and simple facts:

1. e Cigarettes are electronic cigarettes, meaning they are run by electricity (DC current) produced by a Battery

2. Battery can overheat and extreme heat can cause explosion of the cells in a battery

3. Electricity and water do not mix. Also,  water can create a short circuit in a battery and cause sparks and ultimately explosion

Here is the precaution that everyone should take on a daily basis:

When smoking during every refill, clean the battery including the thread and the inner hole. Make sure to wipe off any leaked e liquids. But batteries are made in a way not to cause sparks or explosion just because your device leaked some liquids. There are safety mechanisms built into most good batteries.

To prevent a battery from overheating, most batteries nowadays come with an auto cut-off switch. If you try to keep it on for too long it will start to blink and not put out current after a few seconds.

For an explosion to take place it has to have a “perfect storm” meaning the battery is older, without the safety switch and has lot of leaked juice on the terminal.  Likewise,  your atomizer is usually clogged which cause a hard draw (puff) thus causing the battery to get hot quickly.  A combination of all that wrong can possibly cause some harm and even an explosion.

But if you clean your device regularly, use good quality name brand device like Joye Ego or similar devices, make sure your atomizer or cartomizer is not clogged or leaking heavily then you are fine. Keep in mind most e Cigarettes will have little leaking issue and that is normal.

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Can e Cigarettes Explode while Smoking?

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