Best Type of Electronic Cigarette Brand to Start With

Best Type of Electronic Cigarette Brand

I often get asked this question, “What should I start with?” Unfortunately, the retail shops around us do not carry what a newbie should start with. Most gas stations, convenience stores, Wal-Mart and similar retailers carry the pen style e cig kits –  the ones when you puff a red or blue led light lit up. I am sure every one of us have seen them.  They are not the best type of electronic cigarette brand one should start with specially if you are switching from regular to e cigarettes. I started with them and became very frustrated right away as they kept running out charge or juice.

If you are thinking about giving e cigarettes a try, then do yourself a favor and do not buy one of those cheap pen style – ones you see in every corner gas stations. Instead get online and order a good decent kit that can satisfy the craving, if you are a smoker and not make you frustrated.

In my opinion, you should start with something simple yet capable and can produce good amounts of vapor that satisfies a smoker’s craving.  I started with Ego style PV (Personal Vaporizer aka electronic cigarette) and I am still using them. I have bought and tried many others in between but Ego Tank types are still my top choice for its ease of use and durability. They are fairly reasonable in price and as of this writing I think a Joye Ego  kit goes for around $50 or less. Which is a great buy considering a carton of cigarette cost well over that and only last 7-9 days for an average smoker.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that since all the electronic cigarettes are made in China, it is important to make sure that you buy the real Ego and not a fake one. I unfortunately bought 2 sets of fake ones in the last one year only because I found them at a good price ($15 less). After using them for a few days I noticed the quality was not as good as the real ego units. And the batteries and atomizers started to peel paints! Not a good thing to have. 

If you do start with Ego type make sure you buy the Tank type as they are easy to refill and they taste better than the old type. Also when you pick out your e juice, try to start with lighter color PG based e liquid, as PG e liquid are thinner and works better with Ego Tank types. I have a whole section you can read about on what you should start with, go Here to read them.

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Best Type of Electronic Cigarette Brand

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