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I have been puffing cigarettes as long as I can remember, and it was inevitable that I would not only contract a sinus, but also go through a throat surgery.

Undergoing the medical procedure, I was strictly warned not to smoke for a week. Since I had no other choice, I figured out that after 29 long years, the time had come for me to say goodbye to smoking.

However, it is not easy to give up on a habit that you have developed over the course of 3 decades, and like most smokers, I resorted to nicorette gums, but that didn’t help.

And then I saw an ad for e-cigarettes on the internet. The particular one I saw was an ego tank type, and at that time I was simply confused as to what it really was. But somehow I managed to order it along with 18 mg strength nicotine, and I received it the next day.

I took the first puff and had an epiphany! The product was clean and had a superb taste. I was getting my dose of nicotine without taking in the bad stuff like tar and other carcinogens. The best part is that I could smoke at home, and anywhere else for that matter

I would love your feedback and thoughts, I am new to this, please post your advice and comments, it will help me improve this blog.

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