How to Open a Reatil E Cigarette Business?

It’s been a while since I had done any postings. I have been busy opening an e cigarette wholesale business. Many of you may remember my trip to China and visiting a few e cigarette manufacturers, well since them I made another trip and secured 3 good suppliers and started to buy from them. I spent a lot of time developing and perfecting the wholesale business along with helping two of my friends open two retail outlets.  So far it has been an eye opening experience to say the least. The demand for e cigarettes exceeded beyond my wildest imagination.  I helped one friend open up a retail shop in central Florida on a budget, but what surprised me and him both was when he had two $500 days the very 2nd week of opening his store, what was more surprising was that he didn’t even get to advertise his business. It is usually a good idea not to do Grand opening type advertising till about the 3rd week of opening a store as it takes minimum of 2 weeks to fix all the glitches that comes along with opening any retail shops.

It has been 5 weeks since we open the Central Florida store, he did the grand opening around the middle of 3rd week (He put out 1000 flyers, ran some local ads both paid and in free on and offline publications), he is averaging around $650-$1075 a day now, it is Amazing! I am happy for him. The other friend opened hers is in a local Flea market, which I helped set up, it was a much simpler setup compare to the store we did in Florida. She opened hers 2 weeks ago and the first weekend (This Flea market is only open on Sat and Sundays like most typical Flea markets) she did $375. This past weekend I helped her put up some nice signs and a great e liquid display, she sold $768, according to her the signs and the e liquid display helped her more than anything reaching that sales number

I have hired 2 sales person to help me run my wholesale business as I am supplying to 27 retail shops now. Soon I will try to automate more of my business and I will keep you updated on it. For now I thought I wanted to ask you all, if any of you will be interested in opening up a retail e cig shop in your town. I am sure you see them coming up all over the place, last year it was a 2 billion dollar industry, but this year it is expected to hit 4 billion. I think everyone wants a piece of that pie, as you all know the profit margins are great.





I am working on a guide as we speak about how to open up a e cig retail store, since I have done both wholesale and retail, and I have been in retail business for last 18 years, I want to share my knowledge and since I offer quality products at a very reasonable price, some of you may even buy from me.  So why not share the knowledge and help someone open up their first e Cig store.

Give me some feedback if any of you think you will have interest in such guides. Feel free to email me at


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What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is comprised of three necessary elements, all of which can be purchased together or separately:

Power Source/Battery

Electronic cigarettes obviously need a power source. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options available ranging in price from less than $20 to $200+.

eGo/eVod Style Batteries

The most basic power source is an eGo/eVod battery. These batteries range in length based upon their capacity and are usually around 1.5cm in width (except for especially high capacity models). The battery is easy to operate as it only has one button.

The button on an eGo style battery has two functions:

First, by pressing the button and holding it down you are providing power to your atomizer, this is what creates your vapor. So, as you take a drag from your e-cig you hold down the button for the duration of your drag.

The second function of the button is to turn the battery on and off. This is done by pressing the button five times in quick succession.

Charging an eGo/eVod battery is very simple. Unscrew your atomizer from the battery and screw the battery onto the charger. The battery light button usually flashes a couple times to indicate it is on the charger and the light on the charger will change from green to red.

The battery is fully charged once the light on the charger changes from red to a constant green (the charger may flash between red and green during charging as it checks the batteries level)

After charging just screw the atomizer back onto the battery and you are ready to go!


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