3 Quick Tips to Best Vaping Experience with Ego T Every Time

Tips to Best Vaping Experience

Folks, here are 3 simple and easy to follow tips for all Ego Tank type atomizer users, if you follow these tips, rest assured you will have a great vaping experience.

1. If you use Ego Tank type Atomizers like me, than you know after every cleaning and refilling the first few hits will be very dry, it almost can give you a burnt taste in your throat. The best way to handle this issue  would be when you refill it, before you vape blow into the mouth piece gently a few times, what this does is, it drops a bit of  e juice  into the wick in turn it soaks the wick. Once that is done, start vaping normally.

2. With Ego tanks, you should never draw too hard, in other words, don’t smoke the way a real cigarette is smoked. Instead puff gently but in more frequency. If you draw too hard, two things will happen, the wick will get too hot and as it gets hot it will draw more e Liquid into the atomizer thus flooding the atomizer. Once that happens you will get less vapor coming out and the atomizer will feel hot to touch, you may also hear a gurgling sound as you puff. Instead take it easy, take gentle smaller puffs instead of long hard ones.

Tips to Best Vaping Experience

3. With Ego Tank types it is best practice to use a mix of VG/PG e liquid instead of all VG liquid. These atomizers are made to handle thinner e liquid like pure PG or a 70-30 mix where 70% is PG and 30% VG. The thicker the liquid is the harder for it drip into the atomizer, which will cause many dry hits and your throat will not appreciate that.

This atomizers are very picky in what they like, so if you can handle smoking pure PG or a 70/30 blend you will have a better vaping experience. One more point to remember, try to stay with lighter color e liquid with these atomizers, as I said they are very picky, if you use dark color e liquid, you may notice slight color separation when the tank is almost empty, you will see the darkest part is staying all the way at the bottom of the tank.

If you follow these 3 quick tips to best vaping experience every time, you’ll enjoy it more while quitting.

Look for my post about VG and PG e liquid and how they differ.

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